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Towards Autonomously aligned teams with Domain-Driven Design and EventStorming

Talk at Xebia Academy Webinar Week held at online on 13 December 2019


We have been involved in several transformations over the years, from DevOps to Digital to Agile. These transformations typically focus on transitioning people into near-autonomous teams of no more than eight people who will work in an agile manner. Every company we have worked for asks the same questions at these transformations: How do we divide the current software between the teams, and how do we align these teams to our business architecture?

To address these questions, companies request our help to design microservices using a Domain-Driven Design (DDD) approach. This approach makes it easier to distribute the software between teams based on identified boundaries, called “bounded contexts.” We believe enterprises involved in an Agile, DevOps or Digital transformation need at least a Domain-Driven Design approach. Only then can we create autonomous aligned teams with a loosely-coupled architecture, this process presents unique challenges. In this webinar, we will go over what Domain-driven design exactly is and why you truly need to approach your transformation with DDD to become agile, DevOps or digital. You will learn how with EventStorming, you can create a continuous alignment between your business problems and your IT solutions.