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Observe the system: two sides of the same coin

Talk at Test Masters Serries meetup held at Amsterdam, The Netherlands on 18 June 2019


Observability is one of the buzzwords of the day. We have the 3 pillars, a plethora of tools, great books. We moved our monolithic apps that lived in the datacenter to distributed microservices in the cloud, with the promised land of cost savings and an Agile organisation. However, are we delivering more business value?

Today, we send metrics to the systems managed by the Operations Team and at the same time to the Business Intelligence systems. However, we have the will for our teams to have autonomy and ownership of the systems which they put into production. How can we merge the best of both worlds, giving autonomy to our development teams, have a reliable system and increase the business value delivered?

Join João on his journey, using collaboration techniques from the DDD community to discover the Domain Events that generated business value and how it is related to the technical components of the system. During his talk, he will address the challenges of bringing the two sides of the same coin together, creating a healthy environment among all parties.