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Decoupling test automation with Domain-Design Design bounded context pattern

Workshop at Test Automation Days held at Utrecht, The Netherlands on 22 September 2020


Effective test automation can help you speed up time to market and build quality in. However, when we start implementing test automation, we usually require multiple application to accept a specific business feature, especially with a microservices architecture. There is a mismatch in the software design and the value stream of the business that gets test automated. The misaligned comes from software that is logically designed instead of functionally. Ending up with decoupled software, but coupled test automation. Join us in this workshop to show you how test automation with the help of Domain-Driven Design (DDD) patterns and tools can help design functional cohesive applications. We introduce you to the bounded context pattern and how, as a test automater, it can support you in your work. With the help of EventStorming, we will make your test automation visible and gain new insights. Insights that will help your team improve its software design to a more functional cohesive application aligned with test automation and business value flow. You will leave the talk with an understanding of DDD and how EventStorming will help you tomorrow to improve your test automation.