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A DevOps journey: why the sociotechnical architecture is important

Talk at DevOps Amsterdam Summit held at Amsterdam, The Netherlands on 8 October 2019


In recent years, we observed some DevOps transformations across the globe. Like any transformation, there are uncertainty and pain from it, given the teams and people are asked to change their values, principles and practices.

One of the aspects of a DevOps transformation is the impacts on the culture of the organisation, mainly on the social structures. With the ambition of breaking silos, it also forces people to create new relationships, given the team composition changes. The new DevOps teams gain new capabilities, are their scope changes. The potential cascading effects are the misalignment with the business goals and miss the fundamental point of DevOps, eliminate waste.

Join João and Kenny on their journey of the recent past, where they were involved on DevOps transformations. During the transformations, they applied some heuristics from Sociotechnical Architecture and Domain-Driven Design to accelerate the business capabilities of the DevOps teams. They will share the lessons learned, from the pitfalls, failures and successes!