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Avoiding the Agile Bureaucracy with Rosa and Hjorteland

Podcast at Boundaryless podcast held at online on 5 March 2024


In today’s episode, we are joined by João Rosa and Trond Hjorteland, two organizational consultants with a unique point of view, who take us through the depth of Open Systems Theory, and what it means to be socio-technical practitioners, passionate about transitioning democratic organizations to fast-flowing operational models.

With many years of experience in large and complex contexts, they delve into what it means to create a collaborative and democratic organization, and how to balance mission, business outcomes, and cognitive load.

Join us on this episode, as we debate the role of “purpose”, entrepreneurship, and autonomy and learn how to avoid the creation of agile bureaucracies.

Tune in, and get inspired.

In the conversation with Rosa and Hjorteland we started from an original question that Simone threw out at a small conference recently:: how do we avoid building Agile Bureaucracies?

What does it mean to develop a business that achieves agility without having to exert total control on flows and processes?

With increasingly complex and dynamic environments, it becomes pivotal for organizations to recognize and adapt to change, if not stay ahead of it and rigidities are more than dangerous - even the cultural ones.

Emphasizing learnings from different methodologies like Open Systems Theory, Domain Driven Design, and Team Topologies; our guests advocate a team-centered, and democratic approach over industrial and hierarchical practices.

A unique episode to look out for.