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Chaos Engineering as management practice

21 October 2020

Chaos Engineering is perceived as a technical practice. However, it can be leveraged as a management practice to create a safe environment for individuals and teams. It is one of the practices that an organisation can leverage to be anti-fragile.

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Using Team Topologies to discover and improve reliability qualities

18 August 2020

Team Topologies is the work of Matthew Skelton and Manuel Pais, and I use it as part of my job. From a sociotechnical perspective, a team-first approach is paramount for any organisation and helps to decrease the accidental complexity. As such, I'm often asked 'How can we operate in DevOps?' or 'How can I have a reliable service to deliver value to my customer?'.

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What does "system" mean in the socio-technical land?

25 June 2020

One of my interests is in socio-technical systems. However, when I discuss it, namely with IT folks, the word “system” implies that it is an IT system. Well, I believe that it is more than that, and I will try to convey my ideas in this blog post.

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